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Speculation for 2008: Ford and Chrysler to merge?

Chrysler and Ford have been at the top of the headlines all year long for various reasons, with Ford continuing to slim down by selling off its PAG brands, while Chrysler got dumped by Daimler and went private at the hands of Cerberus Capital Management. 2008 looks to be an equally interesting year in the auto industry, and a recent article in Fortune by senior editor Alex Taylor III suggests that a merger between Chrysler and Ford could be in the cards for the coming year. Talk about your haymakers.

Much of the speculation regarding Chrysler surrounds how Cerberus intends to get itself out from under the prolific paperweight that is the Pentastar. Financial types still feel Cerberus is out to make a quick buck, and that long-term ownership is highly unlikely. We're no big business experts, but it looks to us as though the three headed dog has a very limited list of potential buyers out there, so throwing a blind-folded dart that lands on the Blue Oval is as good a guess as any. It's a crazy Chrysler news day anyway, as TTAC is reporting that Cerberus may be preparing to sue Daimler for tricking the investment firm into buying what a thought was an automaker with nowhere to go but up.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the wild speculation of the day.

[Source: Fortune]

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