Biodiesel furor in Argentina

Biodiesel not only is making furor in México. Further down in the American Continent, Argetina is living a biodiesel boom. Up to 8 producing plants, totalling $110 million have just gotten authorisation from Argentina's Secretary of Energy to start operations, while an additional five will start working in the following months.

During 2007, Argentina has exported $66.3 millions worth of biodiesel, which is a whopping 1,364 percent more than in 2006. The 13 plants are expected to produce 1.6 million tons of biodiesel per year by mid-2008. The plants are placed in the oil-producing area of Gran Rosario, near Paraná river. The reason for such a boom is that Argentina is the world's second-largest soy producer in the world (with 18.3 percent of the global market), and the top exporter (6.25 million tons). Argentina holds 50 soy crusing factories, which obtain soy oil from grains, with a total production of 156,700 tons per day.

Besides these factory investments, according to the Argentinian Association for Biofuels and Hydrogen (AABH), up to 20 alternative fuel projects are under consideration, totalling $500 million. The Santa Fe / Gran Rosario area could benefit from this money, from companies such as Repsol YPF, Cargill, Oil Fox, Gea Biodiesel, Enarsa, Rosario Bio Energy, la Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas (ACA) and Agricultores Federados Argentinos (AFA).

[Source: Cadena 3]

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