Mexico looking to produce more biodiesel

There was an unusual biodiesel story a while back about two trucks full of the biofuel that were stolen near Fort Worth, Texas, and at least one person's suspicion was that the thieves could be in Mexico with the loot. If the no-good-niks were stealing the biodiesel, they should have saved themselves the trouble. Reuters is reporting that Mexico will be encouraging biodiesel production in the new year. Using food crops (beets, yucca root and sorgum), Agriculture Minister Alberto Cardenas said recently that "Mexico could develop biodiesel faster than ethanol," once a new biofuel law kicks in. The law gives support to farmers for growing crops that are used to make biofuel. According to Reuters, Cardenas also said that no crops Mexican farmers grow for food would be replaced with biofuel plants. This confuses me, as I'm pretty sure Mexicans eat beets and yucca, right? I do, and they taste good.

[Source: Reuters]

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