Possible Saab 9-1X sketch?

Is that an AMC Gremlin that I see in profile above? Nope... it's a sketch from TopSpeed of what the impending new Saab 9-1X could look like. We've seen some other possible drawings of what shape the new Swedish beauty might take, and all of them have a few peculiar design elements. Saab is known as a "quirky" brand due to their unusual tendencies like placing the ignition between the seats and offering a "blackout" option for the instruments. In fact, many Saab loyalists have been upset with the direction the company has taken after being acquired by General Motors, as their vehicles are losing their "edge," so to speak. If drawings like the one above prove at all accurate, though, we'd expect that those same loyalists will be back on the Saab wagon soon enough... but are there enough of them around to make Saab cater to them as opposed to the masses? We could find out as soon as the 2008 London Motor Show, according to TopSpeed. Along with the funky new look, diesel and hybrid powertrains may also be a part of the equation. Don't forget that Saab is big into E85 with their BioPower vehicles too.

[Source: TopSpeed via Winding Road]

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