If you roll in a Ford truck, you'd best be aware of the rules. If you violate 'em, the BFT patrol will be all over your case like stink on a monkey. And if you've been to the zoo, you know how monkeys stink. It's not good. BFT, as you might have surmised, stands for Built Ford Tough, and the rules detail activities and things that don't jibe with the image the F-Series projects. They include No Puny Dogs; No Scooters; No Manicures; No Cutesy Cell Phone Rings; No Fancy Coffee; and No Liquid Wrench, among others. Ford has helpfully provided a website that details individual violations captured on video by camera crews traveling with BFT cops. Case #073, above, documents a fancy coffee violator, while Case #235 (embedded after the jump) is an action-filled segment featuring a manicure infraction. We expect to see additional case videos added over time.

If you're driving, say, an F-250 4x4 with a pair of Vespas in the bed, a caramel macchiato in the cupholder, a Yorkshire Terrier in the passenger seat, and a BK Veggie in a take-out bag, we'd expect to see you get chased down, tased, "softened up" a bit, and probably locked up for 20 years without parole. If your Hannah Montana ringtone goes off at any point during all this, we fear that BFT would then be forced to get medieval on you. Consider yourselves warned.

[Source: BFT]

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