It looks like Bush is trying to avoid the massive sh*t storm building around the EPA head's decision to deny the California waiver. Check out this exchange from today's press briefing at the White House:

Q Under what authority can the President tell California it can't have tougher global warming levels than the national strategy that he said he wanted?

MR. FRATTO: I mean, the President didn't tell California that, but the EPA Administrator made his independent decision on whether to approve or not approve that waiver. He made a decision not to approve the California waiver, and as he explained, I think, he made that based on what he thought was best for the nation in addressing this issue. And he pointed to the really significant policy changes that are going to come through from the energy bill that we signed last week.

Q -- no longer supports the kind of states' rights that he did when he was governor?

MR. FRATTO: There's always a balance. And he does support -- he does have a healthy respect for states' rights. But these decisions need to be made in terms of what is best for the country. We support EPA Administrator Johnson's decision, but it was his decision to make.

The president didn't tell California that, independent decision, I think he made, Bush supports state rights... ah, the EPA head serves at the pleasure of the president and Bush does not sound too pleased. If I were EPA administrator Stephen Johnson, I would start cleaning out my desk right now. The video above shows Arnold saying he is going to sue as quickly as possible to get his state that waiver.

[Source: White House]

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