Video: President Bush signs the Energy Bill into law

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President Bush signed the Energy Bill into law Wednesday and you can watch highlights from the speech in the video above. In the speech, President Bush noted two important parts of the energy bill; the biofuels and CAFE standard, both of which Bush says he asked for last year. Bush appreciates Congress gave him what he wanted for Christmas, but what about everyone else?

According to the NewsHour, there were four big issues in the early version of the energy bill along with the CAFE increase and the biofuel standard: proposed laws to increase renewable energy used by power companies and an increase in oil company taxes. Only CAFE and biofuels made it into the final bill. So, you could really call the bill that passed the Green Auto Bill because the only substantial things in the energy bill are laws related to cars and fuels.

AutoblogGreen covered the automotive aspects of the energy bill for months and after seeing everything we covered pass and everything else not pass, I feel kinda bad for the rest of the energy bill. With $90-a-barrel oil and gas prices sure to go up next year, I guess Congress and the president could not let this one fail; now they can say they were doing something about the increase in gas prices.

Below the fold is a photo of the Energy Bill's Congressional signing ceremony.

[Source: White House, NewsHour]

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