Ford Focus RS could beget Volvo C30R

Mere minutes after receiving word that Volvo would begin producing the C30 hatch, we've been speculating about the possibility of a performance version that would evolve the stylish three-door into a GTI competitor. The announcement that Ford is developing a new Focus RS has given us even more reason to be hopeful. Pure speculation and performance prognostication says that the 2.5-liter turbocharged mill shouldn't be an issue since it's already fitted into the C30 and its platform siblings, the Focus ST and S40, plus, all-wheel-drive could be part of the equation.

A 300 hp C30R has the potential of joining the Mazdaspeed3 as another way of satiating our desire for a hot Focus, and if the price, we're smelling a hit.

[Source: Swedespeed]

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

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