Congress looking to mandate better visibility in trucks, SUVs

The United States Government does not believe consumers have enough safety measures in place in their automobiles. The House Energy and Commerce Committee has passed a bill that will require government regulators, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA), to adapt their standards to require various means of diminishing blind spots in trucks and large SUVs, increased prevention of vehicles rolling away and more finger (or neck) friendly power windows. This bill relates to similar legislation passed by a Senate committee back in May. It is different from previous versions though, because it does not specify rear-view cameras as the solution to the visibility issue. It leaves NHTSA the ability to regulate through the use of additional mirrors, sensors, cameras, etc. All this legislation may sound helpful to consumers, but honestly just because better visibility exists doesn't mean the driver will use it. You get the idea after reading this particular editorial by Natalie Neff from Autoweek.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Winding Road]

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