White House: Bush to sign energy bill Wednesday

The Congress finally passed the energy bill today, which includes a 35 miles per gallon CAFE standard and the White House says Bush will sign it Wednesday. Even though Bush threatened to veto the bill several times and he still thinks the CAFE standard could have gone "farther and faster," he's on board now. Go figure. Anyway, here is exactly what press secretary Dana Perino said:

Tomorrow we look forward to, hopefully, passing -- the President signing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. That bill will be voted on for final passage in the House later today. In January, the President announced his 20-in-10 initiative, a comprehensive plan for a more secure, cleaner energy future, which would reduce our consumption of gasoline by 20 percent over 10 years. He has pushed Congress to pass this legislation all year. And the bill would increase fuel economy and expand the use of renewable fuels; it will save billions of gallons of fuel, expand our energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While the President's alternative fuel standard and CAFE proposal would have gone farther and faster, we are pleased that Congress has worked together on a bipartisan way that provides the chance for the President to sign a bill that does not include tax increases.

So, tomorrow, AutoblogGreen will probably show you a video of Bush handing out pens and smiling as he signs the first CAFE standard increase in over 30 years into law. I thought they would all be on vacation and the bill would never become law but they actually got something done. I'm little shocked. Can we say greens won this one?

[Source: White House]

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