First Subaru Impreza STI crash happens in Japan

From the front, it looks like the damage would almost buff out. Then you see the shot of the back. Significant restyling has taken place on this particular brandy-new STI, and we're not talking about the new duds Fuji whipped up. At least now we know what the primo donor cars will look like at the pick-a-part. While it's an upsetting thing for us internet pikers to gaze upon, we can only imagine the owner's anguish. That said, since most of the damage is in the rear, we're guessing that someone else is at fault for the total loss of this Subie. So, while this particular STI is likely headed for a dismemberment, the owner is likely tooling around in a replacement. So, what do you think the combined cost of this lovely hunk of low-miles (282km) scrap plus a shipping container would be?

Thanks for the tip, Marc!


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