Not too long ago, we brought you news that there would be a BugE electric vehicle which would be auctioned off on eBay within the next few weeks. Guess what? That time has come. Of course you can see the cool little widget above which allows the auction to be seen here on ABG, but alternatively, you can check out the auction page here.

Here is what their page says about the vehicle:

"The green clean zero emissions BugE, built especially by Harvey Coachworks of Knoxville, MD is an electric vehicle (EV) that draws its power from electricity stored in batteries, instead of from the combustion of liquid fuels. It is a low cost street-legal all electric personal mobility vehicle that functions in a 3 1/2 season environment. It is a super-efficient and stylish ride that costs about one penny per mile to operate, and recharges in about four hours from any home outlet."

This one's a bit different, of course, 'cause it's been signed by a bunch of celebrities and is painted a different color. That color makes it look even more Bug-ee than before, we'd say.

[Source: eBay]

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