VIDEO: Production version of the BMW X6

When the BMW X6 concept was revealed in Frankfurt in September, we had mixed reactions to its oversized hatchback proportions. BMW made no bones about the fact that the sleek CUV was close to its production reality, and after seeing the motion pictures on YouTube, we tend to believe them. Video of the freshly-unveiled X6 in production trim is sitting out there for everyone to see, and from what we can tell, it's almost a dead-ringer to its Frankfurt forefather. As the scribes over at Carscoop pointed out, the b and c-pillars are now predictably visible, the side view mirrors are now larger, and the tail pipes have been modified. The high-end crossover shown in the video carries XxDrive35d badging, which means an oil-burner sits underhood. On the other hand, the start-up audio in the video sounds decidedly petrol-powered.

It's difficult to say if an expensive, less practical four-seat crossover from any other automaker would be a hit in the US, but BMW buyers tend to snap up whatever the Bavarian automaker dishes out. We look forward to taking in the X6 in Detroit next month. The complete video is available after the jump.

[Source: Carscoop]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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