Grad students create Splinter, the wooden supercar

click above image for more renderings of the Splinter supercar

We're not sure what sort of beneficial impact one would get from making a supercar out of wood composites, but if there is one, the students behind the Splinter supercar will find out. The Splinter will be a 600-hp, 2,500-pound goer with wood used for the chassis, body, and parts of the suspension and wheels.

The car is powered by a twin-supercharged Northstar V8. To keep all that heat from doing bad things to the wood, the exhaust exits from the top of the block and out through mufflers in the wing -- which, as you might guess, makes the non-wooden wing quite hot. Other oddities innovations include Osage Orange leaf springs, and seating that puts passengers' legs between the upper and lower A-arms of the suspension. And those multi-colored spokes you see on the wheel? Yep, made of wood.

The Splinter is a graduate project for some students at NC State. They say "we aren't trying to sell anything, we aren't trying to save the world, and we aren't advocating that everyone should drive a wooden car. This project is a scholastic endeavor in which we are simply trying to explore materials, learn, share ideas, and stimulate creativity." We support that no matter what you make your supercar out of. But for the chance to do 190 MPH in what is essentially a motorized tree, hey, sign us up.

[Source: Joe Harmon Design via Winding Road]

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