Go with Danny on a quick test drive of the Kewet Buddy in the UK

Right at the beginning of AutoblogGreen, we discovered that Danny Fleet was one of the most vocal proponents of electric cars over in the UK. His website, Danny's Contentment, describes driving EVs through London streets and other realities of life using the small all-electric vehicles that are currently available. Danny recently took a look at the Kewet Buddy EV, a Norwegian electric car that might be making it's way onto British soil. Danny shot some footage of the Buddy for his vlog, and wanted to invite AutoblogGreen readers along for a ride through the streets. He likes the car, and feels that all the space above his head is "surreal" for a small EV.

You can watch the video here and see high-resolution images of the Kewet Buddy in the gallery below.

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