The video above is a local news report about Fly Bo, a Chinese all-electric car, available for sale in Michigan. The speedometer on the car goes to 40 MPH and in the video Dave Latarte, owner of Great Lakes Auto Sales, which sells the Fly Bo, says the car has a range of 70 to 150 miles. Do you think Fly Bo looks a little like the Smart? So does DaimlerChrysler and they did threaten to sue.

We have kept you updated of the controversy since October 2006 and now this news report and the Great Lakes Auto Sales website seem to prove you can pick one up in red, green or yellow for $10,000. Although, I would not recommend it because I am a little concerned about the quality of the cars. The news report says they are not recommended for use in the Winter.

... who decided to sell Fly Bo in balmy Michigan of all places?

[Source: ClipSyndicate via Ecoegg]

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