General Motors has considered E85 as a performance fuel

While sitting around a table speaking to some of General Motors performance-minded engineers, I decided to bring up the topic of using E85 as both a green and a performance fuel. I was a little surprised to hear that they had already debated this topic. Of course, GM is already making quite a few vehicles which are E85-capable, but the vehicles have not been given any modifications to take advantage of the higher-performing properties of the alcohol, they have been changed only to be capable of running on the fuel. What are the chances that we'll be seeing high-performance GM vehicles set up to run E85? It's a distinct possibility as more and more fuel stations begin to carry the fuel, but we don't suggest holding your breath for any alcohol-based performance changes being made to the vehicle. The Chevy HHR SS would have been a perfect candidate for such an option, as the vehicle features a turbocharged engine. GM went ahead and offered the launch-control and the no-lift shifting but did not decide to make it ethanol-capable. Ah well, can't win 'em all, right?

FYI - that would be your humble narrator autocrossing the HHR. Good times!

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