In the video above, NextGear talks to Brammo, the maker of the Enertia electric bike, at EVS-23 and they say the bike will be released the second half of 2008. Here is exactly what Brammo said about the release date:

We would like to be building and shipping these bikes towards the second half of next year. We will be able to give a firm date, I would say towards the beginning of next year but right now we are not giving you a hard date but we will say second half of next year.

The NextGear interview includes a close look at Enertia's organic display and Brammo talks about why they choose the Valence battery. Brammo also talks about making the bike and the company history which includes making an Ariel Atom for Jay Leno.

The Enertia will cost about $12,000 which is a little more than the Vectrix scooter. You can see a video of Enertia below the fold.

[Source: NextGear]

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