Chevy Silverado commercial spoils CBS show for fans

Earlier this year, the CBS show Cane was the seventh most searched new fall show. Since then, we haven't heard anything about it, neither good or bad. That changed this week when someone at CBS had a Homer moment ("D'oh!") and ran a story-spoiling commercial before the plot had run its course on the show.

On the show, cut to: Jaime taking off in a Chevy Silverado into a cane field, being chased by his father, Alex (Jimmy Smits in the lead role), and getting caught in a fire set by a rival. Fade to black. Cut to commercial: a Chevy Silverado bursting through a wall of flames, and a narrator asking "Did you think that stunt with the Silverado was hot?" Cut to viewers asking: "Uh, what the...?"

But come on -- was this really a plot spoiler? Because you really thought it possible that the main character and his son were going to die in a fire in the show's first season? Really? CBS, in fact, did get one angry call. And with that, probably lost the one ardent fan of Cane.

[Source: Winding Road]

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