The next best thing to a GT-R: luxury GT-R accessories

You didn't think that Nissan was simply going to settle for selling the GT-R, did you? And did you think Nissan would forget about the folks who can't afford the affordable-for-its-performance GT-R? Oh no. Just like the other marques that the GT-R swims with, you can now kit yourself out in gear that will probably let everyone know that you don't actually own the car.

Like the car -- and recent gift trends -- it's all about leather and carbon fiber. However, unlike the car, these items don't appear to have bang-for-buck as core values. With a T-shirt costing $AUD120 ($US105 at today's exchange rate), you will have to earn your way into this apparel.

Thanks for the tip, Kris!

[Source: GTR Blog]

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