Quebec says "oui" to California's emissions standards

How often does a U.S. federal judge in California affect the laws in Quebec? Not often, but two things that happened yesterday made it take place. First, as we reported, a federal judge declared that California can regulate emissions. Then, over in Bali at the UN climate change summit, Quebec's Environment Minister, Line Beauchamp, declared that the Canadian province will adopt those Californian auto-emissions standards. According to the Globe and Mail, "a group of environmentalists looked on and applauded" after hearing the announcement. Perhaps they should be holding the applause for now. The adoption will take place only after "a 60-day consultation period starting next Jan. 3 and once the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides a waiver that will allow California to enact its own law." That waiver is not guaranteed.
Still, this could be a big deal. Need a look into the future? The article says that, "At least four other Canadian provinces are considering a similar plan and Quebec described its step as part of an historic march toward cleaner cars across North America." As you may remember, there are fourteen states that have adopted or are considering adopting California's rules. Florida is the most recent, and the others are Vermont, Connecticut, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Washington.

[Source: The Globe and Mail, h/t to Horacio B.]

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