"Cool Stuff" from Audi coming to the U.S.

Audi's given the A4 an S-Line package for European consumption, and they're pledging that the US won't get stiffed when the fifth-generation A4 lands in America in late 2008. The German word for sport is, uh, sport, and the S-line bits can appease S4 aspirants without the heavy outlay for the über-performing version of the A4. Inside Line has been assured by Audi USA's Christian Bokich that they "won't hold back on the cool stuff from Germany," meaning you won't have to hunt down esoteric Euro part numbers for the bits you really want; nor will you have to go at your Audi with hand tools to get something a little special.

For about $3,000, European buyers will get a lowered suspension by Quattro GmbH, 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, sport seats, special perforated Alcantara and leather, and different accents for the leather wrapped sport steering wheel. While the interior execution will be Audi sumptuous, it certainly won't make the car any sportier or faster. The bolsters on the sport seats are likely to be more snug-fitting, but what it sounds like, the main value is in the Quattro GmbH suspension which would probably be hard to duplicate for a mere $3K aftermarket. The extra finery is de rigeur in this segment, lest you forget you're driving an uprated car.

[Source: Inside Line]

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