Grinch-y! Biofuels increase the price of Christmas trees

Christmas tree sticker shock in Germany is due in part to biofuels demand, according to HDH, the German timber industry group. Christmas tree land that was lost in order to grow crops for biofuels is a reason given by HDH along with more single person house holds and, of course, demand from China.
Christian von Burgsdorff runs a Christmas tree company and says that, "we don't have enough goods to keep up with Chinese demand." 28 million Christmas trees were sold in Germany last year (the most ever) and the Christmas tree racket can only go up. Will Christmas trees be added to the list of things impacted by biofuels like gummy bears and beers? More importantly, will people ever stop the incredibly strange tradition of chopping down a tree only to bring it inside and put lights on it?

Happy Holidays everyone!

[Source: Spiegel]

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