First U.S. legal Koenigsegg CCX delivered to customer

We got our first (and only) taste of the U.S.-spec Koenigsegg CCX more than a year ago when we piloted it on a road course outside Las Vegas Speedway with sportscar racer Justin Bell giving us driving tips from the passenger seat. We had mixed emotions about the super-fast Swede -- it was immensely powerful, but its ease of use and drivebility made it underwhelming at the same time. The day before we got behind the wheel, Koenigsegg had treated several prospective clients to stints around the track as well, and apparently there were at least a few who were impressed enough to plunk down the cash to buy one. It's taken a while, but Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace, Koenigsegg's sole authorized distributor in the United States, announced yesterday the delivery of the very first CCX to an Arizona customer. They expect to now delivery a new 'segg about every five weeks, meaning a little less than a dozen will be in the country at this time next year. Exclusiveness has a price, though: new customers have to deal with a one year waiting list and a $930,000 price tag.

[Source: Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace]

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