It's not all bad news at Tesla, LA store construction starts

With a co-founder being shown the door and nagging issues with the transmission, these are trying days for the team at Tesla Motors. Rumors swirl from a notoriously unreliable source that the WhiteStar sedan has been killed, although Darryl Siry explained during our ride a few weeks ago that design of the vehicle hasn't been finalized and all the focus is on getting the Roadster into customer hands right now. Besides getting cars built, the company needs to establish sales and service points. To that end a construction curtain has sprung up this week on Santa Monica Blvd near the 405 freeway. Behind the wall is the site of one of Tesla's company-owned stores. Opening day hasn't yet been set, but expect it to be sometime around when cars start getting turned over to paying customers.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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