Genaddi keeps a lid on the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

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How do you top a car like the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster? It's simply one of the most desirable supercars on the market. But while the terms "practicality" and "Lamborghini" don't belong anywhere in the same sentence, the topless Raging Bull's roof is something best considered only for emergencies – just when the contraption's complicated installment procedures prove most frustrating (or so we hear).

Coming to the rescue are the American coachbuilders at Genaddi, who've designed a special roof for the special supercar. If the name rings any bells, Genaddi is responsible for such intriguing open-air conversions as the Corvette LSR Roadster, Maybach 62 cabriolet and the (limited) production version of the Ford GTX1 concept.

Genaddi's design for the Murcielago is far less complicated, but from the description, its simplicity could be its most redeeming quality. Made of carbon fiber, the six panels are designed to fit under the front hood of the roadster so it can be taken along with the car. They can be mounted in different configurations – completely open, completely closed, T-top or targa – and include a rear glass window. Genaddi expects to put the roof into production in May, when it will sell for $26,000.

Yes, that's enough to buy a decent complete car, but it's a small price to pay if it means getting more use out of your Lamborghini. And that's a worthy cause which we here at Autoblog support whole-heartedly.

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Press Release for Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster owners
By Genaddi Design Group
Effective today Genaddi Design Group, a company in Green Bay Wisconsin in the United States, builders of the Ford GTX1 Roadster have released the following renderings of a removable carbon fiber hard top that they will be producing for the Murcielago Roadster owners. The top is designed to fit easily in the front bonnet of the car and go on and off the car in about one minute making the ownership experience of the Murcielago Roadster much more rewarding. Owning a top that can be stored in the car for "easy on and off" capabilities allows much more freedom to enjoy your Lamborghini!
Let's say you live in Florida, well as you know it can be beautiful one minute and raining the next making it impossible to take the Murcielago anywhere without having a place to duck in when the rain hits. This 6-piece hard top includes the rear glass window, and you have the option of enjoying the car a few different ways. First of course as a Roadster, then as a hard top, a T-top, and lastly as a Targa top.
All pieces come finished in either dull or gloss finish of carbon fiber but not painted. Color matching without the car is far too hard so when you get it and want it to match your car take it to your local dealer and they will accommodate you. The top is very light weight and easy to handle for most anyone, it is not difficult to figure out, and uses a proprietary system for keeping it water tight.
The top will be available directly from Genaddi Design Group or through participating Lamborghini dealers. It is warranted to be free from defect with a cost of $26,000. If you would like to get on the list for one please contact Mark Gerisch at Genaddi Design Group to place the order. Production will start in May of 2008 and be sold on a first come basis.

Genaddi Design Group LLC.
835 Potts Av.
Green Bay WI 54304

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