32 more 2008 vehicles qualify for Canadian ecoAuto rebate, including Fit and HHR

The list of vehicles eligible for Canada's controversial ecoAuto program has been updated with thirty-two more 2008 models added. The program pays Canadian car-buyers rebates of $1,000-2,000 when they buy vehicles on the list. To qualify, the cars and trucks have to meet a minimum mileage threshold. Among the vehicles added to the list this year are the Honda Fit and the non-hybrid Civic models. Previously they fell just shy of the threshold but were modified for the new model year to be eligible.
There are some dubious inclusions on the list however. Similar to US CAFE regulations where cars and trucks are counted separately, the same is true for the ecoAuto program. This leads to some creative decisions about qualifies as a truck. Few would argue about the Ford Escape or Toyota Highlander Hybrids being trucks. Most drivers of the Chevrolet HHR or Jeep Compass (are there actually any Compass drivers?) might be surprised to here the government considers them trucks. If the 36 mpg 2007 Honda Fit didn't qualify for a rebate, it seems odd now that the 29 mpg HHR or Compass do, based solely on their truck classifications. Compared to Tahoe or Commander they are certainly more fuel efficient, but the whole definition of cars and trucks need to be re-examined if we are going to keeps separate thresholds for each. Check out the full list here.

[Source: CTV.ca, Transport Canada]

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