German car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Porsche have won quite an unsympathetic award: Worst European Lobbyists of the year, right after the German Atomic Energy Forum.

These automakers' campaign was awarded "excellent" (say it in a high-irony voice) to press for "the delay and dilution" of the introduction of lower CO2 emission limits. They were voted in by almost one-third of the 6,700 voters for the award. The original draft of the EU Commission stated that new cars should lower their average CO2 grams per kilometer from 160 to 120. The manufacturers and their associations claimed that it was going to be runious for their industry, which would lose thousands of jobs, so they got Ms. Angela Merkel's help to raise the limit to 130 g/km, with exceptions for certain classes.

The video above shows a group of Belgian environmentalists (I couldn't get their name from the video or user) giving flowers to the winners, whose offices aren't far from the European Union headquarters in Brussels.

[Thanks to J. Verhoeven for the tip]

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