Today only, get a fuel cell car for $80

I've never used the deal-of-the-day site POZY, but I'm familiar with the Woot-like concept behind the site. There's one thing available for sale, and when it sells out, it's gone. Today, the deal is a real fuel cell car, the Fuel Cell X7. The cost is $80. Sure, no one but your hamster or Barbie will be able to ride in the X7, but I've seen these sort of demonstration toys at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo and other places, and kids certainly gravitate towards the water-filled car on a table (you can see this happen in the background of my video interview with Mike Samaroo of the LTU F-Zero racing team). My guess is that science teachers and similar folk will be interested in this. I have no idea if $80 for the X7 is a good deal, but it looks like the toy usually sells for $25 more. Oh, and it's a kit, so you have to build it yourself. Still, once you do, you'll be able to tell everyone you built your own hydrogen-powered car and maybe tell Jeremy Piven all about it.

[Source: POZY]

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