Hacks and Flacks gather to pick best vehicle built by Chrysler today!

An anonymous group of Detroit area automotive writers and public relations reps gathered today for some "fine American cuisine" at a moderately well known chain restaurant. The gathering took place under the banner of "hacks and flacks". As one might expect with such an august group of people so well versed in the automobile industry, the group could only find one subject to talk about over crackers and barrels: cars. After considerable scratching, hair pulling, burping and other methods of persuasion, it was decided that the finest vehicle in the current Chrysler lineup is...

The Dodge Sprinter!

Based primarily on its outstanding utility and the finest interior materials (thanks to its Mercedes-Benz heritage) of any current Chrysler branded product, the Sprinter is without doubt the best Auburn Hills has to offer today. Plus it has a diesel!

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