When Audi showed off the beautiful Metroproject hybrid concept in Tokyo in October, I hoped a true leader in car design had discovered hybrids but they still like good ol' diesel better. German Audi's chief Rupert Stadler said this in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport (please forgive the Google translation from German to English):

Which technology do you see in the United States because the larger potential: diesel or hybrid?
Stadler: The answer to U.S. customers every day. So far in the United States over 600,000 diesel vehicles purchased, and only 250,000 hybrids. We have in the United States is still a communicative Hybrid hype, but ultimately, the solution through which the customer provides the best efficiency. The efficiency of a diesel is especially true for long distances in the United States simply unbeatable.

Will Audi nevertheless until 2015 a hybrid vehicle manufacture?
Stadler: Yes, the Q7 is the end of 2008 the beginning. But the number one priority is for Audi diesel. We will next year offer a solution, in all states of the USA, the high environmental requirements. We also continue to work on hybrid concepts.

Volkswagen, another German car maker, has said they love diesels too which is understandable because diesel is a big part of these old Eurpean car makers businesses (of course, they love hybrids, too). The video above shows Rupert at a Motor Show in front of the Metroproject. Pay attention for a small mention of hybrids.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via German Car Blog and tipster Christian]

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