France introduces CO2 tax and rebate system for new cars

France and FInland have just introduced new systems of taxes and rebates for consumers that are based upon the CO2 emissions of the new cars that they buy. The systems will be similar to the ecoAuto program the Canadian government introduced earlier in 2007 where vehicles that have gasoline consumption beyond a certain threshold pay extra taxes while more economical vehicles get money back for their owners. In France beginning at the start of 2008, any vehicle that emits more than 160 g/km of carbon dioxide will be charged a tax ranging from €200 up to a maximum of €2,600 for vehicles that emit of 250 g/km. Cleaner cars that put out less than 130 g/km will get €200 back with rebates increasing to a maximum of €1,000 for cars like the Smart and VW Polo BlueMotion that produce less than 100 g/km. The Finns will base their tax rate on a percentage of the cars value and it will also be applied to used cars brought in from outside the country.
[Source:, Newsroom Finland, thanks to Karl-Uwe for the tip]

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