Priddy and Co. offering up Dodge "Crew" badging, camo for charity

You might recall the speculation that surrounded Dodge's new CUV and what name it would take when it graced the show stand in Frankfurt. Sources claimed that the trucklet would carry a "Crew" badge, but when the wraps came off, the Journey was born. So much for reliable sources, right? Wrong.

Brenda Priddy actually has in her possession a "Crew" nameplate that was acquired through her normal mischievous means, confirming the rumor that the name was changed just two weeks before its reveal in Germany. While it's an interesting story, what's even cooler is that Brenda will be auctioning off the one-of-a-kind "Crew" badge, some camouflage that covered the prototype and a handful of other espionage-related kit with all the proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

You can read Brenda's full description of the items after the jump and place your bids over at eBay.

From Frau Priddy:

After the overwhelming success with our first charity auction (duct-tape-camouflage from a Jaguar prototype), we've decided to try another one. And as before, 100% of the winning bid goes directly to the charity - the bidder donates it himself! And the winning bidder even gets to select which organization(s) they want to donate to! What could be better?

This time we're offering an extremely rare and possibly (?) one-of-a-kind "Crew" nameplate from the upcoming Dodge Journey. Confused? Well, we've been told that up until a week or 2 before the Frankfurt Show - the Journey was to be called "Crew" and badges were already produced. We have no idea how many - but we can tell you that we've only seen one - and we have it here and up for auction!

We also have the ENTIRE rear section of camouflage from a Journey prototype, as well as the Rubik's cube give-a-way from the Journey's L.A. Auto Show introduction, a 12x18-inch signed photo of a Journey prototype and - if the bids get high enough - a couple of the famous purple "spy" pens and even an official "espionage" hat!

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