The Ultimate Driving Under the Influence Machine - a 14-mph Electric Cooler!

If you want to be kind to the environment at your next social, look no further than Hammacher Schlemmer's 14 mph ridable cooler. Able to carry 24 12 oz. cans of cheap beer soda pop and 8 lbs. of ice, plus as much as 300 lbs. of you for a maximum range of 15 miles, perfect for a couple round trips from the dorms to the party house to the community picnic or block party. It is also equipped with a conveniently placed cup-holder for the enjoyment of the rider. He/she controls the 'vehicle' via handlebar-mounted throttle and brake levers. The handlebars and footrests are removable for trunk transportation, and though made of the same lightweight aircraft aluminum, it tips the scales at 74 lbs unloaded. Not the easiest thing to fit in the back of your car. Interestingly the seat (as shown above) is a $29.95 option. Since the entry and departure angles are so shallow, the only off-roading you'll likely be able to do is a short drive over your well-maintained lawn, but the disc brakes should be able to bring you to a swift halt should you suddenly realize your route was chosen under impaired judgment. At 'only' $499.95, it makes a perfect holiday gift for your underage deviant legal upstanding treehugging college student.

[Source: Hammacher Schlemmer]

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