Rumormill: Could a MINI coupe be in the cards?

How much MINI is too much MINI? Can there be such a thing as a MINI monster? Latest word from a "high level source" is the suggestion that the next possible MINI iteration could be a coupe. That's right, a coupe. Specifically, as phrased by the source, "What if MINI instead produced a low-slung and sleek small coupe, not unlike the ACV 30 concept car from 1997?" (The car pictured above.)

BMW wants more MINIs, and clearly, the way they're being swiped off lots, buyers want more MINIs -- but a new 2-door MINI that's a sleeker (read: even smaller) version of the current 2-door MINI? The Clubman hasn't gone on sale yet, the SUV hasn't even been finalized, and the next brand new version is already "on the table." We don't doubt it would sell, but it seems to be, if not overkill, then cannibalizing overlap. And forgive us for saying so, but as much as we enjoy the MINI, they are becoming the automotive equivalent of tribbles.

At the very least, someone please tell MINI not to take any cues from the car above, which should be allowed to close its rally-inspired bug eyes and rest its lumps forever in peace in a dark Bavarian warehouse.

[Source: Motoring File]

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