Daimler wants to be one of the world's largest turbo suppliers

Daimler is apparently getting tired of sourcing its turbochargers from outside companies, so it's enacting a three- to five-year plan than will make it one of the top three producers of our favorite power-adder.
The automaker currently gets about 50-percent of its turbos from IHI Charging Systems International in Japan, which produces about seven-percent of snails worldwide. Just Mercedes-Benz diesel models account for over 500,000 turbos used each year, and Daimler is right in thinking that demand for blown engines will continue to grow as consumers look for more fuel-efficient models that create similar power to their naturally aspirated counterparts.

The goal is to produce 600,000 units per year – up from 500,000 in 2006 – in a joint effort with a company based in Italy. The move will solidify Daimler as a leader both in manufacturing and technology that should pay dividends as more consumers look to turbocharged offerings in both North America and Asia.

Follow the jump for a breakdown of the largest turbo producers and their worldwide market share.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

Approximately 14.6 million turbos are sold each year and the following companies control the majority of the market.

Honeywell (Garrett): 56%
BorgWarner: 25%
IHI: 7%
Other: 12

Source: J.D. Power.

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