Ferrari probably won't make a hybrid or a full electric car but they just might make a flex-flex car that can run on E85. That possibility comes directly from Maurizio Parlato, President and CEO of Ferrari North America, at the end of an interview at the LA Auto Show with the Wall Street Journal, which you can watch above. At first, the WSJ notices the Ferrari's beautiful, candy red looks but notes this show is all about green and then asks what have they got that's green, to which Maurizio replies; thank you for asking me that, we are very sensitive to this point and we have to be and then this;

We are thinking and moving in the direction of ethanol to make ethanol a part of our, basically possibility, we are considering seriously about that.

...ah, his English is not great but I think the message is clear. Ethanol makes a lot of sense for a sports car because you can get more power from ethanol and things like lower mileage or higher fuel cost are probably not of great concern to a sports car driver. It's really too bad Ferrari cannot look at hybrids as a being a source of power but this is great news none the less.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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