In the video above from the 2007 LA Auto Show, Kia's public relations manager Alex Fedorak was asked if they have plans for alternative fuel vehicles like hybrids in the 3, 5 or 10 year time span? Alex said they have hybrids in Korea but he thinks it's unlikely those hybrids will come to the US. Here is exactly what was said;

Actually, we have hybrids working right now in Korea. Can hybrids come to the US market: I say unlikely.

Alex then said clean diesel may be coming very soon. The working hybrids in Korea are probably the 4,000 we wrote Kia would field test. We are happy to hear the trials have started but they may not be going very well because were originally heard about a 2009 release, but that is before the 3-year time span Alex was asked about in the question.

[Source: NextGear]

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