Martin Eberhard takes a further step away from Tesla management

Tesla Motors has just announced that company co-founder Martin Eberhard has moved over to the company's advisory board. Last August Martin stepped down as CEO to take on the role of President of Technology and oversee getting the company's first product, the Tesla Roadster, into production. The car has been plagued by transmission problems which necessitated a supplier and significant re-engineering of even the replacement transmission design. Late this evening Tesla sent out a note that Martin Eberhard will be relinquishing that role as well to new CEO Ze'ev Drori. Martin Eberhard will no longer have any day-to-day involvement in running Tesla Motors or the Roadster program.
Although things have obviously not turned out the way he might have hoped for his company and car, Martin and the rest of the team deserve a lot of credit for trying and getting this far. The reality of building a complete and well-integrated car that meets all modern safety and customer requirements is an enormously difficult challenge regardless of what kind of drive-train it has. In a remarkably short period of time, the team at Tesla have come a lot farther than most of the efforts to build a viable electric car. The car I rode in recently was remarkably good in so many ways. Hopefully Martin Eberhard's dream car will come to fruition sooner rather than later.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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