OK, little Carrick and his dad Colin have been making green car movies for a while now, but none have impressed me like their latest. Filmed at Boston AltWheels earlier this year, this six-minute clip features young Carrick (age 8) interviewing someone I wouldn't have the gall to question: Darth Vader. Apparently, Colin and Carrick have discovered that Vader is not only in cahoots with Sienar Fleet Systems (makers of the various TIE fighters) but also with GM and the Hummer and Chevy Volt programs.

There's a lot of love for both Star Wars and green cars in this video. It's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot more than I've done this week. If you can find a better way to start your Friday, share it with us.

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[Source: Colin M. and YouTube]

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