On-Ground Ferry saves Russians from the mud

There are some parts of the world where asphalt, whether ribbon smooth or marred by potholes, is not a given. In Russia, for example, some roads pass right through swamps of squishy mud that normal vehicles would drown in before they got too far. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and some Russians have created an ingenious though not entirely elegant solution for traversing these mud pits. Called an On-Ground Ferry, these large 4x4 trucks towing a flat bed trailer can ferry lesser vehicles across these muddy impasses. The ferried vehicles never have to touch tire to terra firma. From the pics over at English Russia, however, it appears that these "roads" can sometimes be too much for even the On-Ground Ferry to handle, which begs the question, who ferries the ferry when it gets stuck?

[Source: English Russia]

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