Detroit 2008 Preview: BYD to show plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars

A Chinese company plans to jump into the green parade at January's Detroit Auto Show. BYD Auto, which has previously announced plans to build a battery electric car later in 2008, will be one of five Chinese companies showing their wares at Cobo Hall. Along with their internal combustion engined cars, BYD apparently plans to show both plug-in hybrid and pure battery electric cars in Detroit. We don't know much about the BEV, but the PHEV based on their F6 sedan will use a lithium iron phosphate battery (similar to those produced by A123 systems). While General Motors has repeatedly tried to play down expectations for the battery in the Volt, BYD has no such qualms for their car. They are claiming their PHEV will have a 62-mile range on batteries and a total range of 267 miles. BYD wants to start selling the PHEV by the end of 2008 and the BEV in 2009 although plans to bring them to the US may be hampered by patent issues (likely held by A123). Fortunately for them, China typically disregards minor issues like intellectual property.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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