What's this? Peugeot is now recommending that drivers continue to operate their air conditioning systems all year round. Most drivers typically don't use their A/C much in the winter months for obvious reasons. However, if the system lies dormant for extended periods the internal refrigerant pressure can drop off, meaning that the system will be less effective and efficient the next time it's needed. By operating the system for even a few minutes a couple of times a month it will stay in better working condition and save fuel when it's turned on for real. Apparently using the A/C when defogging the windows can also improve the effectiveness by dehumidifying the air in the car. All new Peugeots are equipped with a thermostatically controlled A/C compressor that monitors the ambient and set temperatures to only run the compressor when it's actually needed to minimize the load on the system.

[Source: Peugeot]
November 27th 2007


  • Operating your car's air-conditioning all year round will keep it in good condition, ready for the next heat wave
  • Peugeot's intelligent air-conditioning system not only keeps you cool, but also helps to reduces emissions and improves fuel consumption
  • Windows de-mist much quicker in the winter when the air-conditioning is on

Contrary to popular belief, the sun does not need to be beating down to operate your car's air-conditioning. Many owners switch off and then experience reduced efficiency, when the sun comes out again in the summer.

Operating your air-conditioning system for 5 to 10 minutes, once or twice a month will help keep it in 'Tip Top' condition, ready for that next 'Indian summer'.

The majority of modern air-conditioning systems work better by being used regularly to ensure they retain their optimum working efficiency.

From a practical perspective air-conditioning also helps drivers to demist their cars more quickly and efficiently in the winter months, by evaporating the moisture as well as carrying out its primary task of keeping the driver and passengers 'cool' in the summer.

"Any air-conditioning system needs operating on a regular basis to ensure it works to its maximum capabilities," explained Peugeot's Technical Operations Manager Andy Bye.

"If a system is not used for a few months, it may start to lose its internal gas pressure and this will reduce the efficiency, and may require the air-conditioning system to be recharged," he added.

All Peugeot's latest models are available with an 'intelligent' air-conditioning system compressor. It compares the ambient temperature with the required temperature inside the car and then only operates when necessary. This prevents excessive cooling of the air and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Peugeot's air-conditioning systems also include a controllable air vent in the glove box which makes it possible to keep snacks or drinks chilled, when the outside temperature is high.

From a used perspective, Peugeot also encourages drivers to check out the air-conditioning system before buying a car.

"If a used car is more than three years old it is always worth making sure the air-conditioning system is in good working order before buying it. Simply get into the car, start the engine and switch the system to its lowest temperature setting. Within a couple of minutes the system should be blowing out chilled air and the windows should have demisted. Within five minutes the entire car interior should be very cool, indicating that the car's air-conditioning is in good working order," explained Andy Bye.

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