The video above is all about Ross Lovegrove's electric car that doubles as a street lamp. We wrote about the Ross' concept car, which is also solar powered and super lightweight, in a post about a Ted Talk he gave in June. If that's too realistic for you, below the fold is a video from a 1958 Disney TV show titled "Magic Highway USA" with wild visions of our automotive future.

Disney predicted that after the gas cars, "more efficient" gas turbine cars would become popular, then speedy jet cars, nuclear powered cars (why not?) and last but not least, solar powered hovering cars. A lot of the other ideas in the Disney video are wrong as well but several were spot on: like GPS maps in cars (except they thought punch cards would store the map data) and rearview TV instead of rearview mirrors.

I hope Disney is right about that hovering solar car. They look like fun.

[Source: YouTube]

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