Car and Driver checks out the VW Up!

There are a mind-boggling amount of video hosting services around. One of them, webcastr, let us know about a new video they're hosting that is Car and Driver's look at the VW Up! concept during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Unlike YouTube and other video sites, it's not that obvious to me how to embed the video to this post, so the picture above will just take you to the Webcastr page where the video is viewable. Since I can't get the new video to embed, you can watch another one about the Up! here.

So, what's the content here? Nothing that we haven't seen before, really. It's a minute with the Up!, and not a bad introduction. Webcastr captions the video "This people's car is targeted more at emerging markets." I'm not sure where they get that idea. Csaba Csere, Car and Driver's editor-in-chief, says at the end of the video that a production Up! would probably be headed to the U.S.

[Source: Webcastr]

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