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Subaru begins teasing us with new Forester mini site

While we'd like to think that the launch of the new Subaru Forester teaser site somehow corresponds to the leakage of images we saw yesterday, we're forced to assume that coincidences are just that. Regardless, Subaru still hasn't learned that displaying a darkened image of its newest product (ala STI) doesn't stop tech- savvy challenged bloggers from doing a screen capture and lightening up the shot to reveal the new Forester's rump.

You'd be forgiven for seeing a Honda Pilot upon first glance, but the lower ride height and bland bottom quickly eschews that comparison. According to Subaru, "It's comming [sic]", and despite the fact that the mini site is for the Japanese market, we doubt little will have changed when the Forester makes its debut in Detroit.

Thanks for the tip, Jake!

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