Spy Shots: Jaguar XF-R prototype caught prowling

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While we've already seen spy shots of XF-R mules in the wild, these new pics from KGP Photography appear to be the first of an actual Jaguar XF-R prototype. The difference between a mule and a prototype is that a mule normally doesn't wear the near-final form of the production car. A prototype, however, gives us a clear view of what we can expect in showrooms, and this XF-R prototype looks fairly menacing in its all-black paint and chrome trim. Visual cues that this is not a normal XF include quad exhaust pipes out back and cross drilled rotors hidden behind 20-inch wheels. The ride height has also been lowered, presumably on a more sport-tuned suspension. The blacked-out grille up front may or may not make production, but we think it should stay. Inside sources say that behind the grille will be a heavily tuned version of the XF's supercharged 4.2L V8 pumping out around 500 horsepower. That should be enough to at least make the XF-R competitive with its rivals from Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Whether or not this cat has the moves to keep up with its German counterparts in the corners will have to wait until someone with a big mouth actually drives it. We humbly offer our own organic megaphones for the job.

[Photos: KGP Photography]

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