The Thanksgiving episode (Nov. 23) of The McLaughlin Group had a lot to say about green transport. Topics such as the big three fighting with oil companies over ethanol and obesity as a reason for SUVs were talked about but the most important question was will gas cars be replaced? As you can see in the video above, Eleanor Clift says they will and McLaughlin agreed predicting the "automobile engine, as we know it, will be gone ... in 50 years."

On the other side of the argument, Pat Buchanan says the increase in the price of oil should make other technologies viable but global warming is mostly a power grab from governments. Tony Blankley thinks it takes a gallon of diesel to make a gallon and a quarter of ethanol (is that right?) and demand for oil will never go away. Let's turn the conversation over to you. Will the gas car be around in 2057?

[Source: The McLaughlin Group]

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