Mazda considering CUV based on MX-5

The idea of an MX-5 derived CUV/SUV might seem like a bit of a stretch (literally), but Mazda's European head, James Muir, says that a concept of the rear-wheel-drive crossover is bound for the Paris Motor Show next year. The basis for the concept stems from Mazda's assertion that SUVs are going to shrink in size over the coming years with a focus on car-like driving dynamics that still have many trappings of their high-riding counterparts. Lightweight components, including high-tensile steel and smaller engines with higher outputs (read: new diesels and hopefully more turbocharged mills) should strike a balance between engaging the driver while keeping fuel-consumption and emissions in check.

Muir goes on to say that an environmental focus "is the best thing that has happened to the automotive industry in 50 years," and that a city car concept might share the stage with the MX-5, or what might be called the CX-5, in Paris in 2008.

[Source: Just Auto – Sub. Req.]

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