Sunday's New York Times has an article about the National Electric Drag Racing Association. According to the Times, the organization was founded by John Wayland and Roderick Wilde in 1997 after a few beers and coming up with an important sounding name. In 1999, the National Hot Rod Association accepted them into the fold and tracks allowed them to race. John says "before that, tracks wouldn't let E.V.'s run" and John thinks the world is changing as well;

Before, I would have said E.V.'s were a fad that would die out. ... This time around it's different. There's an interest in getting off foreign oil, there's global warming, there's oil prices and health issues. But most important, we have a battery.

You can watch John work on and race the White Zombie in the above video. Warning: if you still have perceptions of electric cars as slow and not for gear heads, they will be shattered.

[Source: New York Times, YouTube]

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